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Can Chem-Dry Carpet Cleaners Remove Pet Stains?

Feb 6, 2023 | Carpet Cleaning, Pet Urine Removal Treatment

Can Chem-Dry Carpet Cleaners Remove Pet Stains?

Pet accidents can be a frustrating and difficult problem to deal with on your own. Removing stains and odors from your carpet may seem impossible, leaving your home feeling uncomfortable, unhealthy, and uninviting. At Cactus Chem-Dry, our carpet cleaners in Mesa, AZ understand the challenges that pet stains and odors can present. That’s why we offer our Pet Urine Removal Treatment (P.U.R.T.®). Our tried and tested carpet cleaning method is coupled with a formula designed to address the root of pet stains and odors, leaving your carpet looking and smelling fresh again. Trust our ability to eradicate pet stains and smells, creating a more inviting atmosphere in your home.

Why are Pet Urine Stains and Odors So Difficult to Remove?

To fully appreciate the effectiveness of Chem-Dry’s Pet Urine Removal Treatment (P.U.R.T.®), it is important to understand why pet stains and odors can be so difficult to remove. Removing pet urine stains and odors that have penetrated the carpet, padding, or subfloor can be difficult using regular cleaning techniques or commercially available carpet cleaners. P.U.R.T.® is engineered specifically to target and eliminate these deeply ingrained stains and smells.

Quick clean-up is crucial after a pet accident. Using store-bought cleaners or home remedies like baking soda or hydrogen peroxide may damage carpet fibers and worsen the stain.

While you may consider calling a steam cleaning service to remove pet stains and odors, it is important to know that the steam cleaning method may not be as effective as you might hope. Steam cleaning relies on a large amount of water, which can actually push the urine crystals deeper into the flooring instead of flushing them out. This can result in the permanent setting of urine odors and stains, creating a significant problem for your home.

At Cactus Chem-Dry, we have developed the Pet Urine Removal Treatment (P.U.R.T.®) specifically to address this issue. Our process targets the urine crystals and breaks them up, releasing them from the carpet fibers to effectively remove pet stains and odors. 

How Chem-Dry Carpet Cleaners Remove Pet Stains

The trick to removing stains is to destroy the chemical compounds that create these stains and their telltale odors. In the case of stains and smells related to pet accidents, that source is generally microscopic urine crystals and other residual matter residing deep within your carpet. 

These substances can be difficult or impossible to remove using a conventional approach. However, you can count on our time-tested P.U.R.T. process to carefully target and effectively lift away pet urine crystals from deep within your carpet. 

The first step in this process is to find all of the pet stains. Because urine deposits can be hard to spot with the naked eye, our team works with an ultraviolet light to uncover pet stains you might not even know about that could be adding to the unpleasant smell in your home. 

Next, we leverage our Hot Carbonating Extraction process (called HCE) to penetrate deep into carpet fibers and lift up urine crystals that are already loose. The HCE process also removes any liquid that is worsening the stain’s appearance, and any dirt or other grime in the carpet.

Finally, our team of highly-trained carpet cleaners applies the specialized P.U.R.T. product, which works over 24 to 36 hours to break down stubborn stain- and odor-causing matter left behind in the carpet. 

Learn more about how Cactus Chem-Dry carpet cleaners can remove the stubborn pet stains and odors lingering in your carpet. Just give us a call today at (623) 400-6641 to connect with a professional technician in Mesa, AZ!

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